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Take the Stress out of Your Life

A Medical Doctor’s Proven Program
to Minimize Stress and Maximize Health

Stress can ruin our days and shorten our lives. It ages us, harms relationships, and impairs job performance. The majority of doctor visits are for stress-related disorders, which can include obesity, heart disease, chronic pain, depression, and infertility. Stress can exacerbate almost any medical condition.

The good news is that stress can be minimized, opening the door to improved health. Dr. Jay Winner has already helped thousands of people manage their stress. In Take the Stress out of Your Life, he clearly lays out how to control stress through a series of lifestyle modifications, simple mental exercises, and relaxation techniques without resorting to pills or overwhelming life changes.

With two CDs that walk you through stress-reduction exercises, Take the Stress out of Your Life shows you how to:

  • Change your thoughts to decrease stress
  • Keep your life in perspective
  • Manage anger and frustration
  • Take the stress out of decision-making
  • Sleep more restfully
  • Relax, slow down the pace of your life, and enjoy each day more
  • Realize when the problem is more than stress and what to do about it

It is the ultimate guide for coping with stressful situations and creating a long-term plan for permanent stress
relief - starting today.

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